Speak Your Hustle Is About You

Speak Your Hustle was created out of a need to help people, to give lack small businesses some sort of support and help in getting them online. Speak Your Hustle is powered by Epyk Digital, an SEO company in Johannesburg. We recognise that most solopreneurs (and small businesses) do not have big budgets to create their own brands, get their businesses online and put the word out there about what they do.

This challenge is part of the reason most businesses fail, because as great as their products or services that they offer, without getting it out there . . . how would people even know about it. Traditional marketing is extremely expensive, and we recognize that digital marketing is something that small businesses can harness to get their businesses going.

And that’s what Speak Your Hustle is about. We are inspired by the young men and women in South Africa who are determined to make a difference, to do better and to be pioneers in their communities and South Africa at large. 

And we want to tell their stories, to inspire others and for South Africa to know the great work that they are doing.

There are so many great ideas out there, and we want to celebrate that. Our mission is to create an amazing platform for SA’s who are doing great work out there, who are hustling daily to get their businesses up (and running) and grinding hard to make their dreams come true.

If that is you, we want to tell your story!

About Me

Speak Your Hustle is a dream of mine. . . and I have wanted to do it for a while. I understand the challenges that face small businesses (and solopreneurs), being one myself. So, I was inspired to create a platform that will help small business to go digital. We at SYH, want to get your business and your brand out there.

This is a chance to tell people about what you do, what inspires you and what keeps you going. The tribe is made up of hustlers just like you and me, who get things done in a quest for a better tomorrow, no matter how long it takes, or how hard it gets at times.

So, plug in . . . lets succeed together.My name is Xihla, and in a nutshell, I am a Chemical Engineer turned Digital Junkie. I eat, breathe, talk and dream digital marketing, all day, everyday. My specialty is SEO, and I love nothing more than creating sites and getting them ranked on Google.Now that you know a bit about me . . . please tell us a bit about you and your hustle, get in touch.