Mvokazi Ncede on birthing House of Zimvo

House of Zimvo brings you modern handbags, capes and accessories

We are excited for you to meet Mvokazi Ncede , the founder of House of Zimvo.

As you know, here at SYH, we are inspired by men and women that go all out for what they are passionate about, we are inspired by their hustle and the spirit of perseverance, and Mvokazi Ncede’s journey is one that we can learn from.

Learn how she got her hustle together to birth House of Zimvo:

Who is Mvokazi Ncede, tell us about the entrepreneur in you?

My name is Mvokazi. I’m the founder of House of Zimvo.

I’m a creator and I’m a creative. My business is the space where I let the bountiful creative juices of my mind spill and paint on canvas whatever inspiration is at the forefront of my mind and my heart. At the forefront of my mind and my heart at the moment are my beautiful handbags that express the beauty of what I am – a child of Africa who is inspired by the world around her.

I create modern handbags, capes and accessories that are enveloped with the richness of my African heritage. The handbags are made from synthetic leather but can be made in genuine leather for the client who requests it, at an additional cost. The beauty of these bags is that they are very versatile and can be used to accessories any outfit. They come in various forms, shapes and sizes.


When did it all start? How did you birth the idea of House of Zimvo?

Two years ago I was under a lot of stress as my  other businesses was not taking off the way that I wanted it to. My husband got a contract that had him travelling a lot, which was a first for us. I needed something to distract myself and keep me busy on the days when he was travelling so I started to do diy’s around our house. I started with simple things like cushions and then moved on to basic accessories for myself. My mom loves doeks and amabhayi so I started making them for her. Soon after that she got her friends on board and they started to buy from me, and the rest is history.


From the time that you decided to pursue this business, what challenges have you faced?

My biggest challenge has been in-consistency in orders. There are periods when I’m very busy and then there are also times when its very quiet. My other challenge has been people not doing COD and then taking their time in making payments.


How did you overcome them?

I started to use social media more to market my products, which is working. Also I don’t do any orders without getting a 50% deposit from my clients. Then it’s strictly cash before I give them product.


How do you push through your worst times? What keeps you motivated?

My passion for what I do keeps me going. I love keeping busy and I find my work to be so therapeutic. I also push through because I know without a shadow of a doubt that the challenges are just growing pains right now. When my time comes, success will be mine.


How old is your business/hustle and what are you most proud of so far?

My business is about 2 years old. I’m very proud of the level of love and excellence that goes into each product. One of my greatest joy is the satisfaction and the pleasure that my clients express when they get their order.


Congratulations on taking that first step and actually starting. How are you marketing your business now, what has worked for you so far?

I am marketing through social media which is working out well for me. Word of mouth also plays a major role in getting the word out there.


If you were not doing House of Zimvo, would you have followed a traditional career and be locked in a 9 to 5 job? If yes, what would it be

Probably In radio or TV.


What is the advice that you would give to someone who is starting a business in 2018?

Don’t let people discourage you from following your passion. Hard work and dedication will take you far.


What can we expect from House of Zimvo in 2018 and beyond?

Being in a new city, I’m trying to find my feet right now. Expect a lot more beautiful products that are loading. Im also hoping to add children’s merchandise soon.


How can people find you online?

I am
@Mvokazi2 on Twitter
@Mvokazi on Instagram
Mvokazi Ncede on facebook
Whatsapp: 065 613 6302


Last words:

Please be inspired to go and gift the world with the essence of who you are and what you were created to be. I hope that you will get to support my hustle and enjoy my creations. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your support.


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