Moepi Setona – Founder of Saya-Setona on Digital Innovation

Meet Moepi Setona – The Founder of Saya-Setona

We are excited for you to meet Moepi Setona, the founder of Saya-Setona.

As you know, here at SYH, we are inspired by men and women that go all out for what they are passionate about, we are inspired by their hustle and the spirit of perseverance, and Moepi Setona’s journey is one that inspires us.

Learn how he got his hustle together to birth Saya-Setona:

Who is Moepi Setona, tell us about the entrepreneur in you?

No ordinary man . A tailored suit. Clean cut. Relatively shiny shoes. A well-oiled car and a crisp accent. That’s what ‘getting by’ looks like. That is what we associate progression with, looking a certain way, which should automatically put one on some or other socially constructed pedestal. The ‘dress like who you want to be’ mantra is one I have always fully embraced, until I meet a brilliant mind in shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops.

Plot Twist. How often do we look past the guy who cannot string together a coherent sentence and disregard him as stupid? Why is it that the default setting for greatness is whiteness?

Moepi, meaning ‘Philosopher’ is a soft-spoken entrepreneur, who is boldly taking over the tech space and an innovator. As someone who hails from the streets of Ekurhuleni, with my roots firmly planted in the Free State, I am all too familiar with the township and its flawed foundations.


When did it all start? How did you birth the idea of Saya-Setona?

Furthermore, I am acutely aware of two things: firstly, the need for better transparency and government services and, secondly, the proliferation of mobile devices across all South African communities.

In 2016, I started Saya-Setona, with the ambition of creating a series of next generation enterprise solutions. Our solutions are designed to deliver key systems and technology management services that are vital to ICT organizations in meeting their current and future challenges.

Very quickly, I realised the opportunity that exists in South Africa to create solutions, not only for enterprises but for government and, more importantly, for the benefit of the citizens of South Africa. It was at that point that I decided to create a set of mobile services that could be the link between South African citizens and their municipal governments. For me, it was essential that those services didn’t just operate on smartphones but also delivered for citizens with feature phones.

From this realisation, “Let’s Talk” was born. Let’s Talk is a range of mobile technology services made available to citizens through a smartphone app, which functions on all operating systems, SMS based services and embraces USSD functionality as well.


From the time that you decided to pursue this business, what challenges have you faced?
  • Access to the right Skills.
  • Access to market
  • Operational capital.


How did you overcome them?

I self funded the business from my on saving after resigning from an multi national ICT company which was listed on the JSE. Sold my 2 cars moved out of the townhouse to go back home and start the business with not credit.


How do you push through your worst times? What keeps you motivated?
  • My self motivation
  • My ability to create Opportunities.
  • The number of key customer relationship I have build over the past 10 years of my
    experience, from Manager, Directors, CIOs, CEOs, Mayors, MECs and Ministers
  • My mother.


How old is your business and what are you most proud of so far?

We are 24 months in operation to date. The international partners we have, IBM, Microsoft and CaveDigital.

I have appointed 2 key broad of Advisory whom are multi millionaires with international business across 9 country’s, which we will be announcing them at our product launch 28th or 29th June 2018. The fact that we haven’t closed shop and it’s 2 years with not funding.


Congratulations on taking that first step and actually starting. How are you marketing your business now, what has worked for you so far?

Digital content creation and Customer facing presentation


If you were not doing Saya-Setona, would you have followed a traditional career and be locked in a 9 to 5 job? If yes, what would it be

Yes, a full time F1 racing driver


What is the advice that you would give to someone who is starting a business in 2018?
  • Be ready for long sleepless nights.
  • Being lonely
  • Having to manage employees
  • Know your value
  • Only you will care nobody else but You.
  • Stay true to yourself
  • Take risk always
  • You will lose all your friends


What can we expect from Saya-Setona in 2018 and beyond?
  • We are launch our mobile services platform on the 28th and 29th June.
  • Announcing our broad of Advisory
  • Our 12 months Activation marketing campaign to start in July 2018.
  • Showcasing and exhibiting at the biggest Startup Summit in the World named Web
  • Summit 2018 in Lisbon in November 2018.
  • Raising an investment funding of $100m for over the next 3 years.
  • Team growing from 4 employees to 15 by year end.
How can people find you online?

Websites Company Our solution

Company: @SayaSetona
Our solution: @Gov2CitizensApp

Company page: SayaSetona
Our solution page: @G2CApp

Our solution page: @Citizen_Participation


Last Words
“Experience will teach you things that passion will never teach you, experience is the best teacher.” By Moepi Setona


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