Theo Tshanga – Founder of Ziyana Business Consulting

We are excited for you to meet Nomazibulo Theo Tshanga, the founder of Ziyana Business Consulting and Training.

As you know, here at SYH, we are inspired by men and women that go all out for what they are passionate about, we are inspired by their hustle and the spirit of perseverance, and Nomazibulo Theo Tshanga ’s journey is one that inspires us.

Learn how she got her hustle together to birth Ziyana Business Consulting :

Who is Nomazibulo Theo Tshanga, tell us about the entrepreneur in you?

Nomazibulo Theo Tshanga is a self- motivated, self- driven and passionate individual. I’m not afraid to take risks as I believe that success comes when you push yourself beyond your limit. That adrenalin keeps me going.


When did it all start? How did you birth the idea of Ziyana Business Consulting and Training ?

I have always known that I was going to be an entrepreneur, it’s in me and I never doubted that for a moment. My late dad has never worked for anyone and has always been an entrepreneur. So I was born in an entrepreneurial household.

While growing up I was exposed to him running his own businesses. I learned a lot from him. He’s the reason I knew that being employed forever is not for me. He used to challenge the way we think, broaden our minds and told us that there’s nothing we cannot do when we put the effort and energy in it. However, it was a natural step for me to go to varsity after my matric and I went and studied a degree in Human Resources Management.

I worked in HR for 11 years after which I knew there was nothing to offer anymore and I have served my purpose in corporate. When the opportunity presented itself, I went in wholeheartedly and never looked back.


From the time that you decided to pursue this business, what challenges have you faced?

Start Up Capital – I started the business with nothing and I was determined that I will make it work. Cash flow is also another challenge, especially when you have projects that you cannot fund, it’s frustrating and however I navigate the space and make it happen.


How did you overcome them?

I have built a solid network, so sometimes when I don’t have the financial muscle to fund a project; I bounce off the frustration to my network and they start advising me on how to generate funding.


How do you push through your worst times? What keeps you motivated?

I always remind myself of why I started. My passion and love for what I do is greater than any challenge I can face. I’m very optimistic and I don’t give up easily. My family keeps me going.


How old is your business/hustle and what are you most proud of so far?

My business is 2 years. I’m proud that I have managed to work with big corporates and I made a profit in the first year of operation. It was tough but I pushed through.


Congratulations on taking that first step and actually starting. How are you marketing your business now, what has worked for you so far?

I market my business through social media and attending industry events. I also put out a lot of info on Linked in. Attending industry events has worked for me.


If you were not doing Ziyana Business Consulting and Training, would you have followed a traditional career and be locked in a 9 to 5 job? If yes, what would it be

I have worked as an HR Professional for the past 11 years before I moved to starting own HR Consultancy business, so I was locked in a 9 – 5 job.


What is the advice that you would give to someone who is starting a business in 2018?

Know what problems your business will be solving and how it will solve it. Create a niche market where you will operate. Do not do everything and anything; know what you are capable of doing. Build a constructive network and cultivate relationships with like-minded people.

You are not alone; someone out there might be the solution to your problem. Have a solid support structure at home; you will be required to put in the long hours from time- to time.


What can we expect from Ziyana Business Consulting and Training in 2018 and beyond?

Penetrating Africa at large.


How can people find you online?

For business:

  • Facebook – Ziyana Business Consulting and Training
  • Twitter – @hr_ziyana
  • Instagram – @hr_ziyana

Personal Accounts:

  • Twitter – @zatbee
  • Instagram – @zatbee
  • Linked In – Nomazibulo Theo Tshanga


Last words

Remember as an entrepreneur, you chose a road less travelled. Travel it with grace and know that business challenges are there to build you as a person and your business. Rome was not built in a day. It takes blood, sweat and tears. Make the journey fulfilling and worthwhile for you. All the best in your entrepreneurial journey.


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