Tshepang Pearl Aphane on EventsByPearl

We are excited for you to meet Tshepang Pearl Aphane , the founder of EventsByPearl.

As you know, here at SYH, we are inspired by men and women that go all out for what they are passionate about, we are inspired by their hustle and the spirit of perseverance.

Learn how Pearl got her hustle together to birth EventsByPearl:

Who is Tshepang Pearl Aphane tell us about the entrepreneur in you?

Tshepang is a 22 year old young lady, a media graduate, the founder and director of EventsByPearl. My zest for knowledge and hunger for success is what lead me into my first venture of entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur in me has strong interest to bring different tools together to solve a problem or address a challenge. I am always looking for greater experience to allow me to grow and improve my skills.


When did it all start? How did you birth the idea of EventsByPearl?

It all started recently, on the 31st April 2018 I decided to register my company. My passion for events and media resulted in starting the business. When I was still a student part of our assignments included planning and executing events and getting relevant media coverage for the event that’s when I realised my passion for events and media. After 3 years of studying I went into the corporate industry to learn how media events are actually executed and that’s when I knew that I wanted to start a company around events and media.


From the time that you decided to pursue this business. What challenges have you faced?

Besides the start-up capital it has been marketing my business.


How did you overcome them?

A lot of my savings have went into growing my business I’ve also researched and applied for different grant programmes. In that manner I overcame the start-up capital challenges. Social Media presences and interaction has helped with getting clients, I also do a lot of networking when I attend events in addition to that I send proposals to many organisations and that has helped me in getting clients.


How do you push through your worst times, what keeps you motivated?

I pray. I was single-handedly raised, fed, and educated by my mom, she has been my source of motivation and inspiration. Moreover, a great amount of money and effort has been put into ensuring that EventsByPearl becomes enormously successful so giving up is just not an option.


How old is your business/hustle and what are you most proud of so far?

EventsByPearl is only 2 months old (smiles). So far I am proud of a business pitch that I won. I recently won a 30 second business pitch with the SAB Entrepreneurship Programme, which is a programme that provides various elements of business support to entrepreneurs. It was very fulfilling to know that not only do my friends and family believe in the success of EventsByPearl but there are other organisations and successful entrepreneurs that believe that with my dedication and hard-work EventsByPearl will succeed.


Congratulations on taking that first step and actually starting. How are you marketing your business now, what has worked for you so far?

Thank you, I attend a lot of events that enable me to network with my potential clients, I also try to get article placements that enable people to know who Tshepang Pearl Aphane is and what EventsByPearl is all about, besides that I use social media to engage and interact with clients and through social media I signed my very first client (smiles).


 If you were not doing EventsByPearl, would you have followed a traditional career and be locked in a 9 to 5 job? If yes what would it be?

Growing up I wanted to be an actress and radio personality I definitely would have followed that but defiantly not a 9-5, I strongly believe in having freedom to create my own destiny, for me having an employer is limiting and I realised that very early in my career so I definitely don’t think I would follow a traditional career for a long period of time.


What is the advice that you would give to someone who is starting a business in 2018?

Surround yourself with positive people if you want to succeed. Quite often you become like the people you surround yourself with. Whether you’re just starting out or have an idea the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people really can’t be underestimated.


What can we expect from EventsByPearl in 2018 and beyond?

Growth, lots of growth.


How can people find you?

Email: Tshepang@eventsbypearl.co.za or Info@eventsbypearl.co.za

Contact: 072 111 4375 or 082 265 5453

Website: https://eventsbypearl.co.za/

Instagram: Eventsbypearl1

Twitter: EventsByPearl

Facebook: Eventsbypearl

Personal Accounts;

Email: Pearltshepang35@gmail.com

Instagram: Tshypee

Twitter: Tshypee_pee

Facebook: Tshepang Pearl Aphane

Last words :

Knowing that I can also help other start-up businesses grow and succeeds pleases me. EventsByPearl is always looking to do media product launches for other start-up businesses if an entrepreneur is looking to launch their products kindly get in contact with us. Lastly I plead with other people to support young black businesses.


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  • Lukhele Hlobisile
    July 27, 2018 at 10:32 pm

    I am really inspired by the way your passion drives you,Your dedication and hard work are becoming your Fruits of your labour..
    As a Co-Partner of Priscilla’s Cosmetics And Fragrances i am looking foward to working with you one day, carry on supporting each other as Black Businesses.

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