Yolie Thela -Founder of Zintathu Events

We are excited for you to meet Yolie Thela, the founder of Zintathu Events.

As you know, here at SYH, we are inspired by men and women that go all out for what they are passionate about, we are inspired by their hustle and the spirit of perseverance, and Yolie Thela’s journey is one that inspires us.

Learn how she got her hustle together to birth Zintathu Events:

Who is Yolie Thela, tell us about the entrepreneur in you?

My name is Yolie Thela , I would describe myself as someone who is very driven, ambitious, spiritually inclined and will stop at nothing to achieve my dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.


When did it all start? How did you birth the idea of Zintathu Events?

The company was officially registered in 2012, but I only started operating properly in 2014.

ZintathuEvents was birthed from a dream (literally as in I was sleeping) and from that dream I knew that I had to follow what God was showing me and just trust in the process that I had to follow to making the dream a reality.


From the time that you decided to pursue this business, what challenges have you faced?

Challenges I have faced have been raising capital to start the business, cash flow and just to grow to the next level has not been easy at all.


How did you overcome them?

Basically my salary that I was receiving from my corporate career funded my business.


How do you push through your worst times? What keeps you motivated?

I push through the worst times by constantly reminding myself why I started the business and also reviewing my vision board to uplift myself and just keep on pushing. What keeps me motivated is my hunger to live a good enriched life and a legacy that I want to leave behind one day. I surround myself with people that have lived through a difficult entrepreneurial journey and have come out stronger and successful from it, so that keeps me motivated in that it is totally achievable if you are determined enough.


How old is your business/hustle and what are you most proud of so far?

My hustle is 6 years old and what I’m most proud of is the jump that I took at the end of 2016 to quit my corporate job and go into my business full time. In that period my business has grown drastically and was able to secure 2 corporate events with a major company in the hotel/hospitality industry.


Congratulations on taking that first step and actually starting. How are you marketing your business now, what has worked for you so far?

My business is marketed digitally on social media platforms and also by client referrals.


If you were not doing Zintathu Events, would you have followed a traditional career and be locked in a 9 to 5 job? If yes, what would it be

I was a Business Analyst in my 9-5 and I guess that’s what I would be doing if I were still in corporate. It would never be a permanent fixture in my life as I know that I was born to be an entrepreneur so eventually I would quit.


What is the advice that you would give to someone who is starting a business in 2018?

Make sure that you are in it for the long haul before you start the journey as it’s not easy or as  glamorous to be self-employed with no stable income.


What can we expect from Zintathu Events in 2018 and beyond?

Exponential growth, more beautiful events.


How can people find you online?

People can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @zintathuevents. Website www.zintathuevents.com


Last Words- whatever you would like to add?

Nothing is ever impossible to achieve, just put in your blood, sweat and tears and it will pay off eventually.



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